SoundReels: Classical 101 Launching New Film Music Podcast

Ah, the joys of summer — sunshine, long days, grilling on the patio — and movies.

It’s time for the Summer Festival of American Film Music on The American Sound, plus a new podcast series devoted to film music.

SoundReels, Classical 101’s film music podcast series, will take you into some of the most beautiful and compelling film scores, so you can see — and hear — what makes the music work with the visuals and story of each film. The four-part series will be available here on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

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Women Who Travel Podcast: How to Plan Your First Trip to Europe

This is it: Our do’s, our don’ts, our regrets, and everything we wish we had known about planning our first trips to Europe. Granted, for a few of us, that trip was at birth (lookin’ at you, resident Brit Lale) or soon after (Associate Editor Andrea Whittle). But either way, we’ve been going back time and time again and sometimes, it’s good to take a look at the whole continent—one that’s been well traveled for centuries—with fresh eyes. So, we decided to scrutinize those first trips, or at least the ones we planned for ourselves, to see what we’d take away for next time.

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10 music podcasts to broaden your horizons

From mixes and interviews to shows that break down the science of writing pop songs, podcasts help you be the best music fan you can be. Dave Hanratty, host of NO ENCORE, suggests 10 must-listens.

Haven’t you heard? Podcasts are the new radio, TV, books and magazines. It’s where all the savviest people get their infotainment these days. And if your best friend or significant other doesn’t have a favourite, then they’re probably too busy making their own. Like I did with NO ENCORE.

To soundtrack your travels into work for the foreseeable future, here are 10 of the very best music shows from around the world for you to subscribe to and devour at your convenience.

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