“Olio, the app that lets you share unwanted food items with your neighbours, picks up £6M Series A”

Smart idea! Fixing big problems on the local level is always a great idea.  If everyone had this approach for most of our problems, there would be very few “big” problems.  We are more capable then we realize.  Congrats to all involved!


Olio, the hyperlocal food sharing app that wants to help tackle the world’s food waste epidemic, has picked up $6 million in Series A funding.

The U.K. startup offers a location-based app and website that lets you list and post a photo of unwanted food items to be shared with other people in the same neighbourhood. That is, food that you might otherwise throw away.

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Travel Nightmare? 5 Things You Should Never Do

Even when everything goes right, traveling can be pretty stressful. When things start to fall apart, it can trigger a domino effect and you might feel like you’re the butt of some cosmic joke. Of course, some stories are worse than others but even a seemingly moderate issue can become a huge inconvenience.

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High-schooler putting more books in kids’ hands

This is one of my favorite recent stories I’ve found.  A teenager who brings her young enthusiasm and hard work ethic (that “get it done”) mentality along with fresh out-of-the-box thinking.  So nice to see this and more organizations need to encourage the youth to get involved and offer solutions.  They are smarter, more energetic and more compassionate than many assume.

What a wonderful story.

“I was shocked,” said Vaher, an avid reader since an early age, who often visited the library with her mom to catch up on summer reading as a child. “But most kids, their parents are working throughout the summer and so they don’t have the chance to go to a summer reading program.

”Vaher visited the Stowe Family YMCA in Belmont and — in coordination with its director, Susan Mosk — learned some 300 kids regularly attend the branch’s afterschool and summer activity programs. While the branch has a large playroom with TV and video games, Vaher noticed it only had a small bookshelf and lacked a comfortable reading environment for kids.

That’s when she envisioned her opportunity to bring that option directly to kids at the YMCA.

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