15 Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad Who Likes To Read Or Write

Is it just me… or are dads incredibly hard to shop for? Every year, no matter the occasion, I struggle to find the right gift for my own father, who hates gadgets, could care less about fishing, and never wears a tie unless he’s in court. The one thing I know he does like is books, which is why this year, I’m picking him out one of these Father’s Day gifts for the dad who likes to read.

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I Re-Read 9 Kids’ Books As An Adult — And Learned Something New From Each Of Them

I think we worry far too much about what age certain books are meant “for.” Sure, I’ll allow that most toddlers aren’t going to get much out of a true crime book, and most 40-somethings can probably handle turning pages that aren’t made of cardboard. But still, a lot of kids do just fine reading far above their official “reading level” (I read A Game of Thrones at age 10 and was only mildly traumatized). And a lot of adults can still enjoy a kids’ book. Here are a few kids’ books that I’m glad I re-read as a grown up, because good literature has no age cut off.

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Local organization launches online book-donation platform

Madison Reading Project

A local nonprofit organization has launched an online book-donation platform that allows donors to buy a diverse range of books for underserved children in Madison.

The Madison Reading Project, an organization that provides children’s books and programming to underserved children, teamed up with Collaboration for Good, a communications group that supports other social welfare efforts, to create the online donation platform.

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