5 travel tips to make the most of your family road trip

Long road trips can be such a drag. And if you’ve got kids in the back seat, it can be difficult to keep them entertained for hours on end.

These days, it’s easy to hand devices to kids or pop in a DVD to keep temper tantrums at bay. However, enriching your road trip the old-fashioned way with games and creative pit stops is another simple trick. TODAY tapped Mark Ellwood, Conde Nast Traveler contributor and author of “Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World,” for a few family- and budget-friendly travel tips to make the most of your long car journey.

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The Best — and Worst — States for a Summer Road Trip

Young woman looking out from four wheel convertible in Rocky mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado

Road tripping through the United States is a summertime tradition as old as cars themselves.

Americans adore taking road trips through the desert landscapes of the American Southwest, the pine tree lined roads of New England, and stopping at landmarks like Mount Rushmore in the north. But there are a few states that are better than others when it comes to road trips, according to Wallethub, thanks to their lower gas prices, attractions and safety.

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Day 11 – Alaska to New Jersey

Day 11 was May 19th, 2017 and we were still a day early.  The house we had rented was not available until the 20th so we ended up having a short drive day and stopped a few hours from our final destination on the Southern Jersey Shore.

Because of this, it’s the last day I took photos of our trip.  I was too excited to finally be arriving at our new “home” that I didn’t worry about documenting the trip and just, as they say, “enjoyed the ride”.

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Day 10 – Alaska to New Jersey

This was the day we woke up early and got excited because the night before we had decided that because we were making such good time on this trip, we could afford to get off the interstates and explore some 2-lane highways.   This let us reacquaint ourselves with rural, middle America – where both of us spent most of our teen years – and avoid the traffic jammed cities of Indianapolis and Columbus.  These two cities, in my personal experience, are ALWAYS busy with loads of construction.  I very much liked the idea of avoiding them while having a chance to see a slower version of the Midwest.

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