Best Buy Stops Selling Music CDs

“I guess I’m going to have to buy the White Album again.”


When was the last time you wanted to buy a CD? Because you probably can’t remember, Best Buy has reportedly stopped selling them.

The big box electronics retailer officially stopped selling music CDs Sunday, according to Billboard. Sales fell in recent years as music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music gained in popularity.

Best Buy’s CD sales have recently brought in just about $40 million annually.

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The art of selling: Davenport businesses help local artists make a living

sunrise river gallery

Weeks before Bon-Ton announced Younkers stores would close across the country, Lisa Mahar quit her 11-year position with the company to pursue being a full-time artist.

“I worked in retail as a visual person for like 20 years. But it came to a point where I was just a number; I wasn’t even a face anymore,” Mahar said. “That was really scary to jump ship. I kept asking, ‘why did I do this? Why did I do this?'”

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The photography market is about not just names

I don’t know if I agree 100% with this.  Name’s sure still seem to count in my world…

IN A world awash with photos from 2bn smartphones, a picture may still tell a thousand words. But is it still worth a thousand pounds? The market for photography has changed dramatically in the digital era—especially for photojournalists, commercial photographers, studio photographers and the like. But the market for fine-art photography is still going strong.

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