With faster, modern interface, Corel Painter 2019 expands digital art tools

corel painter 2019 announced color  enhancements photo workflow

The digital art canvas Painter now has a modern, user requested interface. This week, Corel launched Painter 2019 with an updated interface, more speed, and new brushes. The update uses a redesigned user interface with a dark theme to keep the focus on the artwork and larger, refined icons for simplifying tool access.

Chris Pierce, the Corel product manager for Digital Arts, said the new user interface includes several user-requested updates. The task involved redesigning more than 650 icons along with switching the traditional light design to a dark theme. The dark theme is the new default for the program, while users can customize the interface, including switching back to the old colors while keeping the updated icons. The update also enhances the program for use on high-resolution monitors.

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Is Art Created by AI Really Art?

I have a feeling we will be asking many more similar questions regarding AI soon.

I found these examples of robotically generated art and music to be polished and appealing. But something kept nagging at me: What happens in a world where effort and scarcity are no longer part of the definition of art?

A mass-produced print of the Mona Lisa is worth less than the actual Leonardo painting. Why? Scarcity—there’s only one of the original. But Amper churns out another professional-quality original piece of music every time you click “Render.” Elgammal’s AI painter can spew out another 1,000 original works of art with every tap of the enter key. It puts us in a weird hybrid world where works of art are unique—every painting is different—but require almost zero human effort to produce. Should anyone pay for these things? And if an artist puts AI masterpieces up for sale, what should the price be?

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