Why your music tastes change when you hit 30

It’s often assumed that enjoying and finding new music is the preserve of the young, but there is, in fact, now science to explain why we become less interested in hearing new sounds as we age.

Music streaming service Deezer conducted a study on 1,000 people and found that we reach “music paralysis” by the time we reach 30 and a half, reports Business Insider. The peak age for discovering new music was found to be 24, when 75% of respondents said they listened to 10 or more new tracks a week, and 64% said they sought out five new artists per month.

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‘The Spotify for Books’ hasn’t worked yet. Here’s why.

No term garners more collective trepidation from the publishing industry than ‘the Spotify for Books’. From Oyster to Scribd, and Flooved to Entitle, countless outfits have professed to be on the brink of disrupting the world of books. So why have none achieved the runaway success of Spotify? Is the publishing industry fundamentally unsuitable to a model of unlimited consumption? Many would have you believe so. In reality, whilst the term has inevitably been overused, it has also been misused. This has paved the way for widespread confusion regarding business models and in many cases, unnecessary reticence from publishers.

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