“Richmond storm drains painted for art project”

I LOVE it when communities use utilitarian objects as a blank canvas for public art.  Good stuff.


Richmond is bringing color to its storm drains as part of the “RVA H2O Storm Drain Art Project.”

On Tuesday, project leaders, artists and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney led tours showcasing the drains in Carytown.

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Fresh Take: Say goodbye to the elitist art scene. The future of art is street murals and graffiti.

As Cleveland artist Loren Naji sees it, the art world should be an inclusive place—with his recent CAN’T Triennial event embodying that philosophy. As FreshWater caps off its Arts & Culture-themed month, we asked Naji to share his thoughts on where the art world is headed…and why he thinks stuffy museums and exhibitions will soon be the stuff of the past.

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Graffiti artist teaches techniques at college

A graffiti artist is teaching college students the fundamentals of street art.

Sien Ide has created a graffiti class at Bloomfield College.

He grew up learning right from the streets of New York City back in the 1980s.

“I actually started painting when I was 6 years old. When I got older, I saw graffiti all over the trains, and I wanted to do it,” he says.

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4000 miles of Detroit art: A man with a camera, a bicycle and a goal

Thomas Leeper, 51, of Berkley, photographs the street

He once flew over his handlebars to avoid a car and, at other times, wiped out on ice and on an oil slick. Eight times, he’s out run dogs.

And after bicycling 2,200 miles of Detroit streets the past 16 months, Thomas Leeper is about halfway to his goal. But the 51-year-old from Berkley says he’s “not really a bicyclist.”

He’s doing it for a passion project, Every Linear Mile, taking photos of all the street art he sees on his rides. He admires the artists and hopes that blog posts bring attention to the graffiti, murals and found-object-art that he sees on walls, fences, cars, trees, homes and so many other places.

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Massive Graffiti Exhibition Examines Street Art By Bringing It Indoors

Beyond the Streets Street Art Exhibit

In 2011, MOCA’s Art in the Streets broke attendance records for its exhibition filled with work by street art luminaries like Banksy and Os Gemeos. Seven years later, a new exhibition spread over more than 40,000 square feet is building on that legacy and exploring the world of graffiti and street art. Beyond the Streets, curated by graffiti historian and Exit Through the Gift Shop co-producer Roger Gastman, is a celebration of this dynamic modern art movement.

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Gallery: Street art defines Louisville neighborhoods


Across Louisville’s neighborhoods, from the Highlands to Portland to NuLu and more, street art finds its home on sides of businesses, street corners and rundown buildings.

Some of the most prominent murals occupy entire buildings and intersections in the Highlands. On the side of Safai Coffee on Bardstown Road, pairs of animals share drinks and embrace. And one of the most iconic Louisville murals is the highlight feature of The Wine Market building.

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