Phoenix Photographers Share Tips for Taking Better Pictures This Summer

Wondering if Tempe artist Ashley Czajkowski took this on her last summer vacation.

Odds are, you’ll have a camera in tow just about everywhere you go this summer. Maybe you’ll be taking vacation photos, or just capturing your everyday experiences on the urban landscape.

Either way, the summer months are a great time to up your picture-taking skills. So, we’ve gathered tips from several professional photographers and artists working in metro Phoenix.

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Five Tips for Better Beer Photographs

I am trying to brush up my photography skills in areas I am not overly familiar with. This week it was beer photography, and boy did I learn a lot.

I have made it my mission to do as much personal work and practice as possible in 2018. No amount of marketing and networking will ever replace a high skill set and good portfolio. In the U.K. we have finally hit summer and it’s gloriously hot (for here). Summer always makes me think of fresh cold beers in a small country pub beer garden, so I thought I would take on the challenge of learning how to photograph a pint of beer. Here are a few tips that I picked up to make your beer photography better.

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