The Italian Art Supply Shop That Keeps Renaissance Painting Techniques Alive

Dante called it “the cursed and unlucky ditch.” Half a millennium later, Tuscany’s Arno river would more than live up to that title. Just before dawn on November 4, 1966, the rain-swollen river abruptly broke its banks; its waters surged through Florence at speeds of 45 miles per hour and flooded the city with 18 billion gallons of mud and grime. Yet for all the destruction the natural disaster unleashed, it would also provide a major turning point for one of the city’s most beloved art-supply shops.

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Three Tips for Excellent Product Photography

No matter how many times people are advised against judging a book by its cover, its human nature to judge things by how they appear. For this reason, great product photography is more than just a luxury. It can break or make your brand. When photos on your website are on top notch, you instill confidence in your customers and change the perceived value of your products. For this reason, ensuring that the photos you use for the products in your company are paramount and a step that most all people are trying to run a business should work on. So, how do you ensure that your products are presented in the best possible way? Here are three professional photographer tips on how to make great products photography.

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Beginner photographers: Improve your composition with these lighting tips


As you begin your photography journey, you’ll spend a ton of time trying to discover your style. You’ll research different photographers, as well as different techniques. There’s one key element that stands out in all photographic compositions. Not the megapixels or the camera used. It’s the lighting. I’d like to share a few notes that may help light up your next composition. Okay, that was a bad pun. Anyway, let’s look at ways light can enhance your photography.

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Three Tips for Photographing Models

Three Tips for Photographing Models

If you’re tired of scouring Google images and Pinterest for model posing ideas, read this article for three tips on how to do so.

I was super nervous when my first solo model shoot came around. I’m used to photographing only couples and weddings and had never worked with a real model before. I was pretty anxious before the shoot and kept referring to YouTube, Google Images, and Pinterest for posing ideas. I thought that directing a solo model was going to be so much more difficult than two people, because you can have the two people play off of each other, whereas with one model, that is not possible. What I actually found was that directing one model was much easier than directing clients who might not be the most comfortable in front of the lens. Here are three tips and poses that worked really well for me, and hopefully, they’ll work well for you too!

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Travel agents: How to find a good one and how they can help

When you can book every aspect of a trip online, in minutes, why would you use a travel agent? And how do you find a good one?

Erika Richter, communications director for the American Society of Travel Agents, joined this week’s episode of the AP Travel podcast “Get Outta Here! ” to explain how travel agents work and how to find one. Here are some excerpts from the podcast, edited for brevity and clarity.

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When Landscape Photography Goes Wrong

There’s no better feeling in the world for a landscape photographer than watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset light up the sky with an array of colors. There’s no worse feeling than not being able to take advantage of that lighting and going home empty-handed.

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