The Music Industry: From Piracy To Profits


Streaming is bringing money back to the music industry and affecting many related areas.

After being crushed by piracy for almost two decades, streaming is allowing users to have the experience they want at a price they can afford. Though music industry revenues are still below the peak levels of 1999, the past two years have been the first years of material growth since the peak with an increase in industry revenues of 16.5% in 2017.

To provide some background, the music industry has had a long battle against piracy, which dealt the recorded music business a tremendous number of setbacks. To this day, Napster has had the fastest user growth of any company in history, primarily due to the fact that they were illegally assisting in giving away a premium product for free. This caused nearly unstoppable piracy en masse, and within 10 years, revenues from the recorded industry saw a massive decline.

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Let this app tell you which food option is healthier

food switch app on phone w/bags of chips

A free mobile app is a bit like having a nutritionist with you in the store. Drop that yogurt, it might prompt. Instead, try this one with less sugar, fat, and fewer unpronounceable additives.

“FoodSwitch is unique in that users don’t have to hunt for healthier alternatives. They’re all listed in the app,” says FoodSwitch collaborator Mark Huffman, associate professor of preventive medicine and medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a Northwestern Medicine cardiologist.

The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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How To Add Music To Your Instagram Stories With The App’s Newest Feature

Making a good Instagram Story is about more than just snapping a cute photo or recording a funny video and posting it for the world to see. Sure, that’s a huge part of the equation, but to really make your story stand out from the many others your friends are watching, you need to get creative with all of the little extras that the app offers. Luckily, that’s pretty simple: you can currently add GIFs, stickers, fun filters, location tags, hashtags, animated emojis, and polls to any picture or video you upload to your story. All of these customizations are half the fun of adding something! And now, Instagram is adding yet another feature to make your story unique: Instagram has just introduced music in stories, and I’ve got details on exactly how to add music to your Instagram stories with this new feature.

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With faster, modern interface, Corel Painter 2019 expands digital art tools

corel painter 2019 announced color  enhancements photo workflow

The digital art canvas Painter now has a modern, user requested interface. This week, Corel launched Painter 2019 with an updated interface, more speed, and new brushes. The update uses a redesigned user interface with a dark theme to keep the focus on the artwork and larger, refined icons for simplifying tool access.

Chris Pierce, the Corel product manager for Digital Arts, said the new user interface includes several user-requested updates. The task involved redesigning more than 650 icons along with switching the traditional light design to a dark theme. The dark theme is the new default for the program, while users can customize the interface, including switching back to the old colors while keeping the updated icons. The update also enhances the program for use on high-resolution monitors.

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4 apps to help organize your books, music and movies

Over time many of us collect things, with books, music and movies being among them. We don’t have it in us to throw any of it away, but often times they end up on storage boxes or somewhere that is out of sight and out of mind.

But what happens then is you forget what you have. You may feel like you owned a copy of that book or that DVD, but do you really want to go through box after box to check?

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The Tech You Need to Travel Better

With airline seats getting smaller and highways more crowded, it’s a good thing there are plenty of high-tech, budget-friendly solutions to our travel woes. While there is no gadget that will make your seat wider or lessen traffic, there are some that will help you sleep better and stay relaxed on your next trip.

Here are a few suggestions you may want to invest in, with the help of our colleagues at Wirecutter, the product recommendations site owned by The New York Times.

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