Here’s How Much Food You’re Wasting Everyday

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While it’s true that some cities now require composting, more restaurants are banning unnecessary plastics like straws, and more people are trying to reduce waste in their own homes by using food that would usually be discarded (like broccoli stems), Americans still have a huge problem with waste. The average American wastes about a pound of food everyday—that’s about 150,000 tons of food nationwide.

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How to Travel to Disney World Like a VIP

Walt Disney World

With a number of luxury hotels, fine-dining restaurants, and enough activities to consume even the pickiest of Mickey and Minnie fans, Walt Disney World can be an ideal destination for families and couples of all ages. From the latest attractions (like Toy Story Land, which opens June 30 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) to the best times to visit and the top places to stay and dine, here’s how to upgrade your next Disney experience.

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6 Steps to Start Your Photography Business

#6 Steps to Start Your Photography Business

Setting up your own business is no small feat. As an aspiring photographer, the number one question on one’s mind is, How to setup a foolproof photography business? With almost everyone having a good camera setting up your own business may seem like a breeze. However in reality photography is an art as much as drawing, painting or music. Knowing the right techniques such as observation of light, balanced composition, color theory, rhythm, aesthetics and form is not enough. Here are some helpful tips for starting your very own photography business.

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