A Photographer’s Quick Tips For Getting An (Actually Good) Picture Of The Night Sky

Look, we’ve all done it. Seen something beautiful in the sky — a particularly large, full moon, a meteor shower on a weekend camping trip, intergalactic aliens bent on stealing our water supply hurtling towards Earth — and pulled out our phones, excited to share this moment with our inner circle and/or warn the government. But then later, when we go to look at our photographic capture of the majesty of the Heavens, all we have is some dark pics with a sort of blurry orb in the corner. It’s less of an “I’ve proved life exists on another planet” moment and more of a, “why bother?”. They’re just rarely good.

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The best places to travel to are the ones where no one cares you’re there

As someone tasked with providing travel advice for readers, I often feel like I’m on a fool’s errand. After all, one person’s dreamy beach vacation, city break, or cruise ship cabin is another person’s overpriced packaged holiday, stressful urban jungle, or touristic nightmare. Who am I to tell them where to spend their precious time off?

That said, when people on the internet and in real life seek travel advice, virtually no one says they want to end up in a place choked with tourists and overpriced restaurants (even if the vast majority of people do end up there). They want that elusive—if ill-defined—tenet of authenticity. In my own travels, I’m always on the lookout for that feeling, the one that has me thinking: “Everyone should come here—but I hope they don’t, because then it’ll be ruined.”

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10 Tips To Ace Flat Lay Photography Like A Professional Instagrammer

One of the trendier but challenging to nail Instagram technique is the flay lay photography. Used frequently by influencers and popular online personalities, piecing together a flat lay serves as a helpful way for users to unabashedly flaunt one’s treasures. Nonetheless, it still requires a set of skills to achieve this very photography technique! So here are 10 tips that will hopefully teach you how it is done:

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9 best insider tricks to help you travel super cheap

These are the best ways to travel the world for super cheap

Traveling isn’t cheap. I’ve traveled to 113 countries over six continents on a budget, and I’m constantly looking for new ways to save a buck on my next adventure.

There are cardinal rules to saving money on travel, like being flexible with travel dates, staying at Airbnbs, using frequent flier miles and going during the off season, but here are nine less obvious things you should do on your next trip to maximize savings.

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