Travel tips, before you go advice: Why every traveller should have a bucket list

I have a bucket list. I only came up with it a few weeks ago when I wrote a story for Traveller about the idea of a “reverse bucket list” – the things you shouldn’t do – and was asked to also list the experiences I genuinely did want to have before I died.

Until then I’d never really, properly, thought about it. I’ve written about the concept of a bucket list plenty of times. I’ve advised other people to put things on their list that I’ve enjoyed. But I’ve never sat down and thought about the five things I really, really want to achieve in my travelling life.

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Three Tips for Excellent Product Photography

No matter how many times people are advised against judging a book by its cover, its human nature to judge things by how they appear. For this reason, great product photography is more than just a luxury. It can break or make your brand. When photos on your website are on top notch, you instill confidence in your customers and change the perceived value of your products. For this reason, ensuring that the photos you use for the products in your company are paramount and a step that most all people are trying to run a business should work on. So, how do you ensure that your products are presented in the best possible way? Here are three professional photographer tips on how to make great products photography.

– The Frisky

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Smartphone travel photography: 8 tips to help you take better photos on holiday

Conventional wisdom says that the best photos are shot with the most powerful cameras. While technically speaking this is true, lugging around a DSLR is not so practical while you’re travelling.

But whether you’re a professional photographer or not, practically everyone has a smartphone camera in their pocket – but are they good enough for travel photos?

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Wildlife photographer shares tips on how to capture compelling images

Originally from Cheshire, England, photographer Chris Martin has spent the past 12 years living in Cork in the west of Ireland. A lover of nature, he has focused his attention on capturing remarkable images of rugged landscapes and striking wildlife all over the world. Having just shared a new series online, the photographer has offered practical tips for enthusiasts wishing to up their travel photography game.

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“JK Rowling’s writing advice: be a Gryffindor”

Steering clear of what she calls “lists of must do’s”, Rowling points out that she found success as an author “by stumbling off alone in a direction most people thought was a dead end, breaking all the 1990s shibboleths about children’s books in the process. Male protagonists are unfashionable. Boarding schools are anathema. No kids’ book should be longer than 45,000 words.” So instead of advising would-be writers what they have to do, she tells them instead what qualities they can’t do without.

The Guardian

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