You Can Now Travel the World Through Beatles Lyrics

A new video uses Google Maps to take Beatles fans on a world tour, covering more than 25,000 miles, using the group’s lyrics as a guide.

Produced by Vanity Fair, the nearly 13-minute clip begins in their hometown of Liverpool. In addition to obvious places like Penny Lane and Strawberry Field, Beatles songs that reference their parents (like “Julia” and “Let It Be”) are matched with John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes.

– Ultimate Classic Rock

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‘Museum Hack’ tour explores weird areas of Art Institute many visitors miss

Ali Kemp, 30, of Downers Grove, a Renegade Tour Guide at Museum Hack, gestures toward Titian’s painting “Danae and the Shower of Gold”” during an Un-Highlights Tour at The Art Institute of Chicago, Monday afternoon, July 2, 2018. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

“Make no mistake, this is pornography,” said Ali Kemp, pausing Monday in front of Titian’s painting “Danae and the Shower of Gold” at The Art Institute of Chicago. “If you were a rich dude in renaissance Italy, and you wanted porn, you just commissioned someone to paint your own. But if you wanted people not to know what it was, you’d come up with some vaguely mythological story that could somehow involve a naked lady and that’s what you’d portray.”

She was — the woman in the painting, not Kemp — one of thousands of naked ladies sprawled on chaises I’ve tramped past in a lifetime of vigorous museum going. But I can’t remember ever pausing to look closely and think about what I was seeing, such as the dog in the corner of the painting.

“Now there’s this little dog, which seems innocent enough,” she said. “But in renaissance Italy, nothing is as it seems, and that dog symbolizes that she is … loose, basically.”

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Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to the Abandoned Village of Houtouwan

In the Pacific Ocean, east of Shanghai, China, lies tiny Shengshan Island, which is less than three miles across. The hilly island is home to several fishing villages, including Houtouwan, which was abandoned in the 1990s. Once a thriving community, the now-empty brick houses of Houtouwan stand completely covered by blankets of vegetation. Many tourists visit the picturesque village daily. AFP photographer Johannes Eisele recently visited Shengshan Island and captured these images of Houtouwan Village from ground level and from above.

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Garth Brooks Announces New Tour, New Music, and CMA Fest Appearance

Garth Brooks had plenty of news to delight his fans with on Monday (June 4), announcing he’s planning on embarking on a new tour — and not only that, one that will be in support of brand-new music.

Brooks revealed the big announcements during an appearance on his Inside Studio G live series, where he took fans’ questions via social media. When a fan asked whether Brooks was planning a new tour, the superstar responded with an enthusiastic, “yes!”

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The Richest Artists In the World Make 75%+ of Their Money from Touring

Music streaming has helped major labels post record-breaking revenue.  In its Q1 report, WMG posted over $1 billion.  During the same period, Sony Music reported $1.2 billion.  UMG alone earns $4.5 million a day from streaming.  But despite the rise of streaming in the music industry, the richest artists still make the majority of their cash from touring.

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