See Inside the World’s First Intertidal Art Gallery

Coralarium Maldives Statues

Translation: It’s half underwater.

As the pioneer of underwater sculpture, Jason deCaires Taylor has already amassed an impressive list of firsts, from designing the largest subaquatic museum off the coast of Cancun to building the world’s largest underwater statue—a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young Bahamian girl.

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Stunning Shots From The 2018 Underwater Photographer Of The Year Competition

The winners for the Underwater Photography of the Year competition have just been announced and the images are absolutely spectacular. Here are the winning shots across the eight international and three British categories.

Although the inagural competition was only started four years ago, it finds its origins in the Brighton Underwater Film Festival, which has been celebrating underwater video and photography since 1965.

Here are the best of the best from this year’s entries.

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Barriers to Entry: Underwater Photography

Barriers to Entry: Underwater Photography

There is a tremendous amount of magic hiding just below the surface of our lakes, rivers, and seas that has yet to be documented. And while underwater photography certainly has a few barriers to entry, if approached in a pragmatic way the initial shift can be quite simple. Let’s dive in.

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An Underwater Photographer Documents A Meditative World

Looking at Michaela Skovranova’s work, it’s easy to perceive instinctively the dreamlike sensation of being submerged. You can almost feel enveloped by cool water, and the movement in its expanse within the growing silence. Underwater, every sense is altered — visuals become magnified or dulled, acoustics shift with pressure and a sense of touch is amplified by both the odd weightlessness and the resistance of surrounding water, not to mention the temperature. It is an atmospheric, at times almost alien, world.

The sea, she said, “unlocked something that I haven’t been able to in other places.”

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America’s First Underwater Art Museum Opens


Scuba divers will soon swim through an art museum in the Gulf of Mexico, the first of its kind in the United States. The permanent art exhibit is opening in late June off the Florida panhandle and it’s free to anyone willing to take the plunge.

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