International animation show makes Wyoming debut in Casper | Movies |

For the next week, Casper audiences will have a chance to see a variety of new animation shorts from around the world — the first time the international production is visiting Wyoming.

The “Animation Show of Shows” opens Friday at the Rialto Movie Palace, with 76 minutes of 13 family-friendly films. The annual release from ACME Film Works features animation creators ranging from Pixar/Disney to students testing the latest innovations at leading animation schools. Following a short intermission, the showcase finishes with four films that the organizer recommends for ages 13 and over because of mature themes.

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Day 8 – Alaska to New Jersey

Day 8 was May 16, 2017 and we were now driving from Wyoming, across South Dakota and into Minnesota.  As we crossed time zone after time zone it started feeling “real” that we were back in the Lower 48.

Driving through Wyoming on our way to New Jersey from Alaska.

One of the strangest things for me personally to get used to in Alaska was the significant time difference from the East Coast which impacted weird stuff that messes with your sense of normalcy.  Like football starting at 8:00 in the morning – very odd, but cool.  Now we started to feel normal again.

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