2004 Nantucket – Fourth of July

By far Nantucket has the best Fourth of July celebration I’ve every experienced.  I’ve been to many different locations across the USA during this holiday and this is the best of all of them.

My favorite part is the huge water fight that takes place on main street with fire hoses and hundreds of people.  Take a peek at the photos for an idea as to what this holiday is like “on island”.   These are from 2004.

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2003 – September in Nantucket

Over the two years our family lived on Nantucket Island I took a lot of photos, like thousands.  As much as I want to share all of them with you, I realize this isn’t very practical – for either of us.  So, I have instead decided to try and break them down into smaller chunks.  When there isn’t really a common theme, I’ll just use the calendar.

So, my first gallery from Nantucket is simply the photos I took during September of 2003 – our first month “on island”.  Enjoy.

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